Ninja Skills for the Youthful Soul

Developing Self-Confidence and Self-Control in Young Ninjas!

Occupational Therapist Myron Dang has created an exciting and innovative new group, "Ninja Skills for the Youthful Soul" at Kidspace - Mountain View. The group will promote social participation, self-confidence, self-regulation, body awareness, motor planning/coordination, muscle memory and visual motor skills. Students will develop these skills through the concepts of martial arts and apply them to everyday life. After all, what kid doesn't want to be a Ninja?

The course will have four main objectives -- the Ninja Skills -- centered around self-control and self-regulation. Each Ninja Skill will be taught over two sessions. The sessions will maintain a routine structure starting out with deep breathing/meditation through Qi Gong techniques. Next, students will go into stretching and warm ups through martial arts applications and traditional kung fu movements. The last segment of the session will focus on the weekly objective, the Ninja Skill. Students will be taught to use their Ninja Skill discipline as a means to deal with everyday difficulties.
Ninja Skills Overview:

  • Week one: Overview of code of conduct (The Ninja Scroll), Myron’s demonstration
  • and initial assessment of child’s current Ninja Skills

  • Week two and three (Ninja Skill One): Breathing for Mind, Body and Soul

  • Week four and five (Ninja Skill Two): Soft and Hard, Slow and Fast

  • Week six and seven (Ninja Skill Three): Everyday Feelings

  • Week eight and nine (Ninja Skill four): Expressing Ninja Skills

  • Week ten: Re-assessment of child’s newly acquired Ninja Skills and voluntary
  • demonstration of what they learned. Parents are welcome to attend.

Course Size and Population: The course will enroll up to four students for the duration of the 10-week course. Students wishing to join mid-program will be placed on a waitlist for the next start date of the course. Target age range is 8-11 yrs old, and students will be screened prior to the course to ensure suitable group chemistry. There will be two occupational therapists leading the group for a ratio of one therapist per two students.

For more information: Please call Kidspace-Mountain View at 650-641-2002 or e-mail us at

About the Instructor

Myron Dang, OTR/L holds a masters degree in occupational therapy. He is a pediatric occupational therapist currently practicing at Kidspace in Mountain View, CA. He has experience treating children who have difficulties with: self-regulation, sensory processing, focus/attention, self-esteem, motor control, motor planning and muscle strength. He has treated children in many different settings including: private clinic, home, school, gymnastics gym, swimming pool and rehabilitation hospital.

Starting at a young age, Myron has always been involved with some form of martial art. His martial arts background consists of: Wing Chun, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, Shaolin Kung Fu, Lau Kune Do and Tae Kwon Do. He continues to be an avid student of the Wing Chun system and has discovered numerous health benefits from its philosophy and practice. With this in mind, he has found an enticing way to combine and incorporate martial arts philosophy with some of his children during one to one occupational therapy treatments. He is now taking this style of treatment and offering it in a group format at Kidspace.

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