Services available at Kidspace:

One-on-One Therapy

Occupational Therapy
Sensory Integration based Occupational Therapy is designed to engage and challenge kids while developing their capacity for self-regulation, motor-planning, coordination and overall self-confidence.

Speech & Language Therapy
Help with speech and articulation difficulties, fluency and stuttering, oral-motor and feeding issues, receptive and expressive disorders, other mild to severe language disorders.

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy aims to improve gross motor function via strength training, and motor learning through practice and repetition. Specialized equipment may include the Universal Exercise Unit and Therasuit in order to isolate muscle groups for highly specific motor learning and strengthening, in an environment where a child feels safe pushing their limits.

Psychological Counseling
Providing support for children's mental, social and emotional development, treatment for anxiety, mood and personality disorders. Family therapy is also available to address attachment issues, parent/child conflict, sibling issues and other concerns.

Optometry & Vision Therapy
Skilled diagnosis and treatment of various childhood eye conditions. Vision therapy for deficient visual skills including tracking, focusing, and eye coordination. These conditions can often dramatically impact reading, learning, and athletic performance.